What You Can Do About Your Warts
By Mark S. Block, DPM, FACFS, CWS
February 28, 2018
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Warts  

Warts might sound like a minor problem, but the bumpy growths can cause considerable pain when they form on the bottom of your feet. wartsOur Boca Raton, FL, podiatrist, Dr. Mark Block, shares some information on warts and discusses treatment options.

What are warts?

Warts develop as a result of exposure to a strain of the human papillomavirus (HPV). The HPV virus is spread by shaking hands with someone who has warts or touching or walking on a contaminated surface. Once the virus enters your body, skin cells in the outer layers of your skin quickly multiply and form a wart.

Warts can occur anywhere on your body but frequently form on the hands and feet. Warts that grow on the soles of your feet are called plantar warts. Unlike round warts that develop on other parts of your body, plantar warts flatten as a result of your body weight. Every time you walk or stand, the warts press against nerves in your feet, causing pain. Plantar warts may also cause you to limp or change your gait, which can affect your posture and the natural alignment of your body.

How are plantar warts treated?

Wart removal products available in Boca Raton stores usually aren't strong enough to penetrate all of the layers of your wart. Luckily, your foot doctor offers several treatments that can get rid of plantar warts, including:

  • Electrodesiccation and Curettage: This treatment involves scraping the wart off your skin, then killing any lingering cells with an electric needle.
  • Laser Treatment: Laser treatment, the newest wart treatment option, destroys the wart without harming the surrounding skin.

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