Treatment Options for Fungal Nails

Treatment Options for Fungal Nails

Are you suffering from toenail fungus? Your Boca Raton, FL, podiatrist can help you deal with the condition through the use of laser Fungustreatment.


More about Toenail Fungus

Fungi, yeasts, or molds may result in toenail infection. Fungi thrive in warm, moist places, so try avoiding direct contact with:

  • Public showers and pools, which are great places for fungi to thrive
  • Nail clippers used by someone who has toenail fungus
  • Nail injury, which makes it easy for fungus to infect the toe


Treatment Options for Fungal Nails

There are at-home and prescribed treatments, depending on how bad the infection is. Treatments include topical and oral anti-fungal treatments that can suppress infection and symptoms.

Untreated toenail fungus can spread and result in more severe issues. The following symptoms shouldn't be ignored:

  • Darkened, yellow, or white toenail
  • Thick or brittle nail
  • Nails split from the nail bed

In cases of toenail fungus, you need to see your Boca Raton podiatrist for treatment given that the condition is hard to treat at-home and can easily reoccur. If you let you let the fungus progress and develop, longer lasting and more intense treatment, such as laser treatment, will end up becoming necessary. However, toenail fungus shouldn't be difficult to treat by a reliable doctor.


Laser Treatment

FDA-approved laser treatment directly treats any fungal nails. The pigmentation present in fungi absorbs the laser's light which creates heat that kills organisms in the toenail. Although this might sound intimidating, rest assured that studies prove that it doesn’t do any harm towards the soft, healthy tissue near the infected nail bed.


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