Taking Care of Diabetic Feet

Taking Care of Diabetic Feet

Many podiatry practices, such as Dr. Mark Block’s team here in Boca Raton, FL, specialize in helping patients who have “diabetic feet.” Diabetic-Foot-CareThis is a phrase that refers to the complications and symptoms that diabetic patients sometimes experience with their feet. If you or a loved one requires diabetic foot care from a podiatrist, make time to visit Dr. Block for a foot checkup!

Symptoms of Diabetic Feet
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that over 100 million American adults have prediabetes or diabetes, so a significant number of patients could have complications with their lower extremities, even if they have not been formally diagnosed with the condition yet. Here are some of the common symptoms a patient may notice if they have diabetic feet:

- Tingling or numbness in the feet.
- Sharp pains when walking or standing.
- Blisters or sores that form on the feet or toes.
- Wounds that don’t heal in a timely fashion.
- Muscle weakness.

Diabetic Foot Treatments
It’s a wise course of action to seek help from a podiatrist if you have diabetes, whether controlled or uncontrolled. The treatments offered by your Boca Raton, FL, foot doctor may include:

- Proper foot clipping, so as to reduce the chance of wound-causing ingrown toenails.
- Wound debriding, cleaning, and disinfecting.
- Orthotic shoes or inserts to protect and support the feet.
- Lifestyle consultations with your podiatrist, including nutrition, weight loss, and suggestions to help get your condition under control with medication and the help of your primary care doctor.

Caring for Your Feet as a Diabetic Patient
Daily monitoring and care of your feet will help you combat the symptoms of diabetic feet. Your podiatrist recommends that you do a visual check of your feet each day and night and gently wash them in lukewarm water. Keep your feet moderately moisturized, but avoid the area between the toes. Always wear dry socks, slippers, or shoes to protect your feet—even when in the house.

Let Your Podiatrist Help
It’s important to see your primary care doctor regularly when managing diabetes, but it can be as important to make regular appointments with a podiatrist for the necessary foot care. Call (561) 368-3232 today to schedule a checkup and treatment with Dr. Mark Block at his office in Boca Raton, FL.